Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dakota Tavern Tornado

Last night, the trip kicked off with a surprise set from Joel Plaskett at
the Dakota Tavern in Toronto. Joel was there in support of his good
friend Pete Elkas who just released a new record entitled 'Repeat
Offender'. The Dakota was a huddled, body-filled space as the electric
anticipation poured out of the many ale taps on a Tuesday night.

Christine Bougie kicked off the night with some of her uber-unique
Jazzy, instrumental stylings as she twiddled on a beautifully toned
Fender Telly and a lap steel. Christine's music is a canvas of cool.
Plaskett followed her with a warm reception and welcome from
Mr. Elkas and pounded out a few new tunes acoustically for the crowd
(including Rollin, Rollin, Rollin with Elkas joining him on acoustic).

After the Plaskett-ation, Elkas and the Peter Elkas Band took
the stage and transported the crowd to a 50's soul club as big,
bouncy beats fell into smooth grooves that soothed and crescendoed.
He challenged the crowd, as a big of an in-kind gift, to pay another
10 bucks on top of the 12 dollar cover, and get his new album on
vinyl. The door was jammed with takers of the deal.

Wayne Petti of Cuff The Duke ended the night with a blasting
enigma of 90's-smattered, guitar fuzz powered material.

All in all, it was a great start to the tour and a grand start to the

We Stand On Guard.


  1. You are the right man for this job. Cheers Matty.

  2. this is fucking boss.

  3. GREAT IDEA, MATT. You are going to be famous. Joel is a ruler of men.

  4. barg.
    I was very close to going to that show that night! Instead I saw Plaskett in North
    Bay and will be seeing Elkas on the 22nd.