Friday, March 11, 2011


Hamilton. Two nights of pure mayhem, madness and molecular rock alteration
by Joel Plaskett, Chris Pennell, Dave Marsh, Peter Elkas and the Peter Elkas

Night 1 was a hard show to beat. The band was tight, the crowd was fiercely
engaged and the joint was hoppin´ (including a young lad in the front row who
knew the words, intonation and timing to every line of every song - he later
played the maracas). A thriving, throttling encore of Down At The Kyber
brought the crowd-kettle to a boil, pulling them to their feet for a third time
that night.

Night 2 was a bit bolder as Joel and the crew took things to a new height
as Joel even dipped into some older material (playing a sonorous acoustic
version of Light Of The Moon). Elkas opened the night beautifully with his
badass band and soulfully drove the show to start things off.

North Bay tomorrow.

Dave Marsh says ´Bring It´.

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  1. I was in dirty ol'Hamilton couple of weekends ago. Wish Joel had been there - keep on blogging!